We tech-enable events through groundbreaking digitization and virtualization

  • Events without technology belong in 1995. And the cookie cutter registration systems, off-the-shelf mobile apps, ineffective matchmaking and uninspiring webinars generally available today, just don’t cut it anymore.

  • Catalyzed by the 2020 pandemic and recession, the events industry has started a 3- to 5-year technology-centric transformation and modernization, and Personatech is leading the way.

First, let’s get on the same page around some basic terminology

  • Digitization

    Tech enabling offline events

  • Virtualization

    Creating digitally native online events

Simply put, we believe the combination of digitization and virtualization will result in an omnichannel future, with face-to-face events existing both online and offline in perfect harmony. Seems obvious, right?

Our mission is to develop software that solves the network effect on which events depend, and that helps individuals and organizations better connect and communicate with each other so they can reach their full potential. We do this by focusing on the complete lifecycle, personas and dynamics of all stakeholders within defined communities to deliver high value in-person and virtual professional interactions.

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